About Us

In December 2017, nine research universities and a major cancer institute joined together to shine light on life science trainee data. Membership continues to grow as more institutions answer the call. Today, 39 institutions are in the process of releasing data to empower trainees to make informed decisions about their training and careers. In so doing, we will strengthen the biomedical workforce, and the science it creates.

Over the past two decades, major research institutions have been challenged to improve their practices regarding trainee-related data collection and publication.

This challenge emerged from a widespread concern that institutions primarily train scientists for academic research careers and that trainees are not aware of the full range of research careers available both inside and outside of academia, contributing to a host of well-documented issues in the biomedical workforce, including growing delays in the launching of independent research careers. With this data, trainees can make better informed choices about their ultimate training and career paths, and institutions can better prepare trainees for the broad array of careers that await them.

Read the December 15, 2017 article in Science announcing the Coalition here.

Coalition members commit to collecting and publishing data using common standards on:

  • Admissions and matriculation data of PhD students.
  • Median time-to-degree and completion data for PhD programs.
  • Demographics of PhD students and postdoctoral scholars by gender, underrepresented minority status, and citizenship status.
  • Median time in postdoctoral status at the institution.
  • Career outcomes for PhD and postdoctoral alumni, classified by job sector and career type using a common taxonomy.

Coalition Milestones

The next milestone for the publication of data is

September 2024

Coalition data can be found here.

Founding Member Representatives

Executing cross-institutional initiatives requires strong leadership teams that collaborate well. The Coalition thanks those listed below and their team members for their work on this project.

Cornell University

Martha E. Pollack


Barbara A. Knuth

Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Marin E. Clarkberg

Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Planning

David Christini

Vice Dean, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Matthew Cipriano

Manager of Enrollment and Education Operations, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Duke University

Vincent Price


Paula D. McClain

Dean, Graduate School; Vice Provost, Graduate Education; Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Francisco Ramos

Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation

Molly Starback

Director, Office of Postdoctoral Services

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Thomas Lynch

President & Director

Julie Overbaugh

Senior Vice President for Education

Karen Peterson

Director, Office of Scientific Career Development

Johns Hopkins University

Ronald J. Daniels


Ratna Sarkar

Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Analytics

Brandon Groff

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sally Kornbluth


Ian A. Waitz

Vice Chancellor, Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Jon Schwarz

Director of Institutional Research

University of California, San Francisco

Samuel Hawgood


Elizabeth Watkins

Dean, Graduate Division; Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Affairs; Professor, History of Health Sciences

Ning Wang

Director of Institutional Research

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Valerie S. Ashby


Janet Rutledge

Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Connie Pierson

Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Research, Analysis and Decision Support

University of Michigan

Santa Ono


Peter F. Hitchcock

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies , Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Biology, Cell and Developmental Biology

John A. Gonzalez

Director of Institutional Research, Rackham Graduate School

University of Pennsylvania

Larry Jameson

Interim President

Beth Winkelstein

Vice Provost, Education; Professor, Bioenginnering

Stacey Lopez

Associate Vice President for Institutional Research & Analysis

Dawn Bonnell

Vice Provost for Research

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jennifer Mnookin


William J. Karpus

Dean, Graduate School; Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Peter Kinsley

Academic Policy and Planning Analyst, Graduate School