Join Us

We welcome all institutions to join the Coalition’s effort to increase transparency in life science PhD and postdoctoral training. While the Coalition’s focus is life science training, members are encouraged to publish data from all disciplines.

Coalition members commit to collecting and publishing data using common standards on:

  • Admissions and matriculation data of PhD students.
  • Median time-to-degree and completion data for PhD programs.
  • Demographics of PhD students and postdoctoral scholars by gender, underrepresented minority status, and citizenship status.
  • Median time in postdoctoral status at the institution.
  • Career outcomes for PhD and postdoctoral alumni, classified by job sector and career type using a common taxonomy

To join, new members are required to:

  1. Provide a letter of commitment from their president or chancellor;
  2. Post data on PhD student admissions, enrollment, completion, and time to degree;
  3. Publish a set of deadlines by which the remaining milestones will be met.
For information on how to join the Coalition, please email us at

General Contact